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Question  Why should I consider a career that does real work?

Answer  For a generation, the education system in America has failed to produce a sufficient supply of workers for the maker and trades economy, and as a result, a tremendous amount of positions in these fields are unfilled.  With the average age of 55 for workers currently employed, this gap is increasing daily as these individuals begin to leave the workforce.  Surprisingly high wages, impressive job-satisfaction levels and plenty of openings combine to create an excellent opportunity for new entrants into these professions. 

Question  What are the benefits of GoGetter?

Answer  GoGetter is an online community which guides individual workers, businesses and related organizations through the creation of a personalized profile and provides for their constant, passive presence.  Individuals can be discovered by employers even when not actively seeking a new position.  Businesses are empowered to proactively search for new hires rather than post a position on a job board and wait for responses.  Organizations can use the platform as a marketing tool for their services and mission in a community full of target customers.

Question  How do I build a profile and use the site?

Answer  GoGetter will guide you through the process of building and personalizing your profile.  Begin by choosing “Sign-Up” from the top menu options, then choose the profile type which best applies to you.  You will then be guided through several steps to enter information and post your profile publicly in order to be discovered by others.  Once your profile is published, you can search other profile types by navigating from your profile.

Question  How can GoGetter help me discover new careers?

Answer  GoGetter wants to help attract new entrants into these incredible careers and is trying to assist those individuals by providing information and introductions via our career information pages.  Review specific industries to learn more and connect with others currently working in those fields.

Question  What does GoGetter cost?

Answer  There is no cost for individual workers to build and maintain a profile.  The cost for businesses is based on the number of employees the business maintains and provides for unlimited searches and contacts with other profile types.  Organizations pay a low fee for access to a supply of highly qualified potential clients and members.  GoGetter provides a much more cost-effective tool for finding new employees and customers than other options available in these industries. 

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