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About Us

Who?  We are three friends raised in families that valued hard work and made sacrifices to provide for each other.  From an early age, we worked in agriculture, manufacturing and services, and are grateful for everything these experiences taught us.

Why?  Because for too long, nobody has.  We wanted to start a business that would recognize the importance of real work and provide a new solution to an existing problem.  We are determined to create an online community that allows individuals, businesses and organizations working in these industries to interact and better their conditions.  Leaving a legacy of helping people improve their lives - we feel that's a worthy goal.

Please!  We value your feedback, thoughts, suggestions, ideas, complaints and general musings about our website and community.  Please reach out and let us know what you liked about our product, features that should be added, what doesn't work so well, or anything else on your mind.  We sincerely ask your help in improving our service!

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